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Mount Pilatus on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
Photo: Mount Pilatus on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Switzerland and Europe Places to Visit

Switzerland on the Map: see the Switzerland Map - Map of Europe.

Switzerland is relatively small, but you will find plenty to do as well as chances to relax in this diverse country. The snow covered peaks and many lakes make for some of Europe’s stunning scenery, the green meadows, chalets, ordered cities and towns only add to its charm and appeal.

Although only joining the European Schengen area in 2008 by removing its border checks, Switzerland has long played on the world stage. By being able to successfully stay neutral during not only during WWI but also WWII as well, it has been able to play an important role in world peace and continues to do so. The Red Cross is only one example.

The Alps

The Alps cover almost half of Switzerland. These high mountain ranges formed when the continental plates of Africa and Europe collided some 65 million years ago.

The Swiss Alps are renowned for its skiing and winter sports, with top resorts including Davos, Zermatt, Verbier and St Moritz.

Besides providing excellent skiing and climbing opportunities, they provide wonderful chances for exploring the flora and fauna of this country. Summer is as a wonderful time to come here as is winter, spring and fall.

The Cities and Towns

The cities and towns of Switzerland provide entertainment, an excellent range of accommodation and you can find many high standard eateries and restaurants. Switzerland hotels are of a high standard, but you can find bargains usually just outside and further from the center of cities.

Switzerland is also a great place to shop, within the cities and major towns you can find virtually all the major brands for clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellry. Since the country enjoys such a high standard of living, you can find the latest electronic products as well. Swiss products including cheeses, chocolates and increasingly, beers, are known around the world.

Zurich, the financial hub of the country, is a whole lot more, located on the lakes and on the foot of the Alps, has great views, old world architecture and attractions demonstrating the arts, science and history, particularly in the Old Town.

Lucerne, located virtually in the center of the country is also a great place to shop. You will also find an excellent collection of restaurants, plenty to see and explore and great shopping.

Geneva is a well organised, ordered city, yet truly cosmopolitan. On the shores of Lake Geneva, the city is picture perfect. There are truly interesting museums here, including the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and the Palais des Nations, part of the United Nations.

Getting Around

Travel around and within Switzerland is relatively easy. As a compact country, car rentals and transport such as buses and trains are reasonably priced. Train services are regular and go to all main cities in Switzerland, bus services can take you to parts not serviced by train.

Travel Requirements

Current Passports are required. Visitors from Australia, the United States and Canada do not need visas for up to ninety days.

If you wish to drive here, you will need your drivers license (and an international license if not in English) car registration papers and insurance documentation for your car. Vehicle rental companies, of course, provide the last two for car rentals, keep them with you.

Maps of Europe

Switzerland Map Also the Western Europe Map - Western Europe Map - Map of Europe.

Switzerland Accommodation

The attention to detail and hospitality in Swiss hotels is world famous. You can find an excellent variety of accommodation throughout the country, from luxurious villas and five star skiing resorts to bed and breakfasts and comfortable hotel rooms.

Photo: Mount Pilatus on Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

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The Lakes and Mountains of Switzerland are Stunning Year Round.
Photo: The Lakes and Mountains of Switzerland are Stunning Year Round.