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Statue of King Gustave III and the National Museum in the background.
Photo: Statue of King Gustave III and the National Museum in the background.

Stockholm Places to Visit

Stockholm on the North Europe Map.

With more than 750 years of history, there is an amazing array of beautiful and stately buildings that gives Stockholm its distinctive ambience. Added to that are the lively crowds of people, whether visitors exploring or enjoying themselves. Al Fresco cafés, markets and shops with goods from all over the world all add to this vibrant city.

Places to Visit

National Museum of Sweden

The magnificent National Museum of Sweden houses more than half a million works of arts and design, spanning more than five hundred years. Housing works of Rembrandt, Alexander Roslin and other famed artists including works from the late middle ages and sculptures. There are also extensive design collections of porcelain, silverworks, furniture and glass from the 14th Century to the contemporary.

Other important Swedish works including national portraits are here as well. The museum also administers collections at 18 palaces, manors and other places. Plenty to see here, folks. National Museum of Sweden.


The Cathedral of Storkyrkan, built in 1279, became a Lutheran church in 1527 and was used by the reformer Olaus Petri to spread the Reformist message. Since then, it has been the site of many of Sweden’s Royal ceremonies.

The famous sculpture of ’St. George defeats the Dragon’ by Bernt Notke is housed here, as is the Parhelion Painting, which depicts a light phenomenon that had occurred over the city on the 20th of April in 1535. Another priceless artefact here is the silver altar from the 1650s.

The Old Town, Gamla Stan

The restored historical district of the Old Town, Gamla Stan, has lots of small windy streets lined with Medieval buildings, painted in various shades of gold. Where the city had its beginnings, here you will find not only the Royal Palace, one of the largest in Europe, but lots of shops with handicrafts and souvenirs.

Churches and museums can also be found here, including the Storkyrkan, Riddarholmen church and the Nobel Museum. The Royal Palace also houses certain museums, including the Royal Armory, complete with royal guards and daily military parades.

Royal Palace

The 13th Century Three Crown (Tre Kroner) fortress that protected the Gamla Stan was turned into a palace a century later. After a fire severly damaged it, it was replaced by the Italianate exterior building of the Royal Palace, while the interior is French and Swedish.

The royal family no longer lives at this palace, but official functions are still held here. There are two museums located here, Gustav’s III’s Museum of Antiquities and the Tre Kroner Museum.

Nobel Museum

A museum dedicated to the great discoveries, inventions and ideas that are celebrated by the world. There are films, exhibits and interactive displays.

Stureplan and Sturegallerian

The district of Stureplan was rebuilt in the 19th Century after a fire, with buildings from all from that time. The main square is the centre, with headquarter buildings of major financial institutions, companies and banks lining the surrounding streets.

Nearby are the city’s most celebrated restaurants and bars, including the Spy Bar and Hell’s Kitchen. The world famous brands of Versace, Hugo Boss, Gucci and others have fashion shops here.

Sturegallerian is a fabulous shopping centre, also built in the 19th Century but very stylish. Here you can find more shopping bargains, particularly in fashion, as well restaurants and cafés. Also located is the famed Swedish Sturebad spa.

Moderna Museet

At the Modern Museet, there are wonderful collections of modern art, film and photography from 1900 to today. There is also one at Malmö. More about the Moderna Museet.

Skansen Open Air Museum

This amazing open air museum has a collection of about a hundred and fifty buildings from all around Sweden and Scandinavia of the 19th Century. There are worker’s and farmer’s cottages, to town-houses as well as older buildings, including a 14th Century storehouse.

They hold concerts and festivals here throughout the year and there are natural habitat enclosures with living Scandinavian flora and fauna. In the town quarter, you can see glass blowing and other traditional craftworks being made.

Accommodation in Stockholm

Before deciding where to go and where to stay, a bit of planning will pay large dividends for your enjoyment. After all, you can vacation Sweden and the rest of Europe in style or perhaps longer on a budget.

Photo: Statue of King Gustave III and the National Museum in the background.

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The stunning waterside location of Stockholm adds much to its Ambience
Photo: The stunning waterside location of Stockholm adds much to its Ambience