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Beaches in Portugal are Spectacular with Great Sand and Sun
Photo: Beaches in Portugal are Spectacular with Great Sand and Sun

Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal on the Map: see the Europe Map.

This country is one of the hidden treasures of Europe, since so many think about visiting Spain, France, Britain/UK, Italy or Scandinavia. But it has wonderful beaches, friendly people and the prices here, certainly compared to the rest of the continent are very reasonable. Portugal occupies a unique corner on the Iberian peninsula, being as far south west you can get and still be in Europe and on the Atlantic.

Prices here are cheaper here for just about everything than the european countries further north. Restaurants, food and accommodation can be quite reasonable even during summer peak times.

Getting Around

Getting around Portugal is relatively easy. It is a compact country, car rentals and transport such as buses and trains are very reasonably priced. The long distance buses are also comfortable and usually air conditioned, they are also usually more frequent than the railway services, presenting a good alternative to car rentals and trains.

Cities of Portugal

Lisbon and Oporto are Portugal’s main cities. While Lisbon is the capital, visitors will find Oporto closely rivals its southern sister city, particularly when it comes to business and industry. It also produces one of the country’s important exports, Port.

At the estuary of the Tagus River, Lisbon has a population of more than two million people yet it is one Europe’s most beautiful cities, steeped in history of the early Portuguese world explorers. It also has one of the world’s largest aquariums.

Coimbra was the first capital of Portugal and has its oldest university, founded in 1290. The city is situated on the Mondego River and you can reach most places of interest on foot, such as the Museu Nacional Machado de Castro. Further explorations can be taken with one of the cruises available on the river.

Wines and Wineries

Wines are produced in much of the country, although the excellent variety of locally produced wines available here can be difficult to find throughout the rest of Europe.

One of the most interesting local varieties grown here is Vihno Verde, a tasty varient to the many white wines made locally and in many other parts of Europe.

Portuguese Ros’s are fabled throughout the world, the many varieties will please everyone. Portugal is also famed for its Ports, which come from the Upper Douro Valley.

Travel Requirements

If you wish to drive here, you will need your drivers license, car registration papers and insurance documentation for your car. Vehicle rental companies, of course, provide the last two for car rentals, keep them with you.

Maps of Europe

See the Western Europe Map - Western Europe Map - Map of Europe.

Portugal Accommodation

You can find an excellent variety of accommodation in the country, from luxurious villas and five star resorts to comfortable hotel rooms.

Photo: Beaches in Portugal are Spectacular with Great Sand and Sun

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Shopping in Faro, Capital of Algarve
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