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Place to Visit: Wawel Castle overlooking the Vistula River
Photo: Place to Visit: Wawel Castle overlooking the Vistula River

Poland Places

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Poland begun its rapid modernisation since 1989, when it left the Soviet Bloc, joining NATO in 1999 and the European Schengen Area in 2004. Warsaw, with its position near the centre of the country, makes it an ideal place for visiting the rest of the country.

The historical cities of Krakow (Cracow), Gdansk and Poznañ are all places to go, with their castles, historical buildings and monuments. There are also wonderful museums and Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Occupying the vast plains between Germany and Russia, while bordered to the north by the Baltic Sea and the Carpathian Mountains to the south it has a population of almost forty million. After suffering the destruction of World War II and the restrictive occupation of the Soviet Union, the country is truly beginning to blossom and a great tourist destination.

Places to visit in Warsaw

The city of Warsaw, was founded in the 1200’s and became the capital of Poland in 1596. You will find lots of attractions to visit, sights to see and museums, great buildings and monuments to visit, particularly in the centre of the old town. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is situated on the beautiful Vistula River and within walking distance you can find a great range of eclectic architectural styles in the homes and public buildings, particularly from the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-Classical periods.

Places to visit in Warsaw include the Old Town Market Square, St. John’s Cathedral, the Royal Castle, The Royal Route and the Grand Theatre. Other noteworthy places include the National Museum and the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes, a poignant memorial to the brave resistance fight put up by the Poles during World War II.


Prior to Warsaw becoming the capital, Kraków (Cracow) was the main city of Poland from the early 11th Century. The country became united in 1320 with the seat of government being here till 1596. The most prominent feature of the city is the castle atop Wawel Hill. This castle dominates the Vistula River and is well worth a visit as is the Town Market Square.

In the surround of Kraków are the Nazi death camps of Birkenau and Auschwitz. These camps are preserved as UNESCO World Heritage Sites as a monument to man’s inhumanity to man when enabled under circumstance and political idealogy. Despite the dangers, Schindler had set up his factory in Kraków, saving many from the Holocaust.

Travel Requirements

You do need a valid passport to enter and stay in the country. Depending on what country you are from, you may or may not need a visa.

If you wish to drive here, you will need your drivers license, car registration papers and insurance documentation for your car. Vehicle rental companies, of course, provide the last two for car rentals, keep them with you.

Maps of Europe

See the Map of Eastern Europe - Eastern Europe Map - Map of Europe.

Poland Hotels

You can find an excellent variety of reasonalbly priced accommodation in the country or in the main cities.

Photo: Place to Visit: Wawel Castle overlooking the Vistula River

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Place to Visit: Weavers Guild Building, Krakow Town Square
Photo: Place to Visit: Weavers Guild Building, Krakow Town Square