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Verona Landscape, Italy
Photo: Verona Landscape, Italy

Europe Places to Visit

Europe on the Map: see the Maps of Europe.

Visiting Europe

Amongst the many places to visit in Europe are of course the great cities, such as London, Paris and Rome. In fact it has many more, there are over a thousand worth visiting.

The ancient history, fashion, cultures, foods and wines continue to attract visitors to the continent. Sports are also a great attraction, as are the many natural wonders, wildlife and plants protected in national parks.

Each country has a range of landscapes to enjoy and architecture influenced from the Classical to the Baroque, Romanesque and ultra green modern to see.

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France: Culture, its language, arts, music, fashion, film, food and wine continue to attract visitors every year. Beside being home to Paris, this country has much to offer, from the sunny south coast to the mountains of the Alps.

Britain UK

Britain UK

Assidious in trying to maintain its image as separate from its continental cousins across the Channel, it still is as far as the rest of the world is concerned, Europe. Any trip to Europe should try and inlude the UK/Britain, not least for its influence on the modern world but its great collections of museums, art galleries and music.



Ah Italy. Still the attraction it has always been, with a diverse landscape, wonderful cities and great food and culture. Rome is last but not least of course, other great cities to visit include Verona, Naples and Venice.

Getting Around

One way to enjoy the diverse landscapes is to tour Europe by train. Whether it is the winter wonderland tours around Europe to experience, or the cities of culture, trains can be a convenient way to travel.

Air travel tends to be quicker, but not always. Flights inside of Europe are considered domestic, so flying between EU airports tends to be easy with minimal fuss. You normally only need your ticket and your passport.

To drive in Europe, you will need your drivers license, car registration papers and insurance documentation for your vehicle. Car rental companies, of course, provide the last two for car hire, keep them with you.

Map of Europe

See the Map - see Western Europe Map - Map of Europe.


You can find choices in accommodation throughout Europe from 1 to 5 star hotels, motels, resort getaways, serviced apartments to bed & breakfasts.

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Photo: Verona Landscape, Italy

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Ancient Classical Greek Art, Athens Greece
Photo: Ancient Classical Greek Art, Athens Greece