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Amsterdam - Canals, Bicycles, Attractions and Museums
Photo: Amsterdam - Canals, Bicycles, Attractions and Museums

Amsterdam Europe

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Amsterdam in Europe is the capital of the Netherlands, but not the seat of government, which is in Den Haag (The Hague).

The city of Amsterdam is certainly a thriving Dutch cultural capital. On any first visit to Holland, if at all possible, include Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam you can find wonderful collections of art, parks and canals, historical museums, a multitude of attractions and places to go for visitors.

There is also plenty of classical and contemporary entertainment, from opera and jazz, cabaret and theatre, to all night dance parties. Clubs, pubs and good places to eat are easy to find in the city centre.

Alongside the many canals, Amsterdam has wonderful architecture dating back many centuries. The Oude Kerk, meaning old church, dates back to 1306, with its present building having been built in the 14th century.

Amsterdam Museums

The museums in Amsterdam are many and varied. The Rijksmuseum has extensive collections of artworks from all over the world, but particularly the Dutch Masters, including the Night Watch by Rembrandt.

In fact in Amsterdam you will find museums devoted to diamonds, art, history, film, photography and a host of other topics of interest. In the Museum District, there is the Van Gogh Museum, dedicated to his life and art. Other nearby museums include the Jewish Historical Museum, the Dutch Resistance Museum (Verzetsmuseum) and the Anne Frank House.

The Amsterdam Hermitage Museum is a branch of the world known Russian Hermitage Museum. Displays and exhibits change regularly, with exquisite art and artefacts from the collections held by the mother museum.

Things to Do

Other enjoyable activities, stroll the banks of the Amstel River, browse at Flower Market, take one of the many varied canal or bus tours, or browse and shop at some of the many winkels (shops). The Heineken Experience, The Dam (Amsterdam’s Main Square), Madame Tussaud’s and the Artis Zoo are also popular Amsterdam attractions.

Getting To Amsterdam

The nearest international aiport to Amsterdam is Schiphol. Traveling from Schiphol International Airport to Amsterdam city can be done in 15 minutes using the road or train.

Schiphol Train Station, with regular trains heading to all parts of the country including Amsterdam is conveniently located under the airport. The city centre (Amsterdam Centraal) is 15 minutes away by train.

History of Amsterdam

Amsterdam in European history is a recent city. Growing from a small settlement in the 1200s to a world trade centre in the 1600s, the city has blossomed into the classic, yet modern, European city it is today.

North Holland Places to Visit

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Europe Maps

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Hotels in Holland

You can find accommodation throughout the North Holland from luxury seaside hotels to budget backpackers and boutique hotels. Noord-Holland has a number of luxury resorts and hotels amongst the dunes by the sea.

Photo: Amsterdam - Canals, Bicycles, Attractions and Museums

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Amsterdam Photos - Scenes of the City
Photo: Amsterdam Photos - Scenes of the City