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Netherlands Map

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Map of The Netherlands. Click to Zoom on Area. The Netherlands is relatively flat, with extensive canals, large rivers and numerous lakes.

In the countryside, there are green pastures interspersed with canals, while windmills, both old and hi tech, dot the landscape. Visiting the many small towns (dorpjes), the smaller cities and the larger is a treat, many have kept their historic homes, gardens and buildings. Neat stone laid streets alongside canals are a common feature, lined with large windowed homes and other edifices such as churches dating back hundreds of years.

The Netherlands States/Provinces

  1. Drenthe
  2. Flevoland
  3. Friesland
  4. Gelderland
  5. Groningen
  6. Limburg
  7. North Brabant
  8. North Holland (Noord Holland)
  9. Overijssel
  10. South Holland (Zuid Holland)
  11. Utrecht
  12. Zeeland

Provincial Capitals

  1. Assen
  2. Lelystadt
  3. Leeuwarden
  4. Arnhem
  5. Groningen
  6. Maastrict
  7. ’s-Hertogenbosch
  8. Haarlem
  9. Zwolle
  10. Den Haag (The Hague)
  11. Utrecht
  12. Middelburg

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Holland Map Maps of The Netherlands - Zoomable map Netherlands Map - Train Stations Map of The Netherlands, see Netherlands Train Stations Map - States (Provinces) Map of The Netherlands, see Netherlands States Map - Map of Europe.

Hotels in The Netherlands

You can find hotels and other accommodation throughout the country, including luxury resorts and hotels to self contained apartments and bed & breakfasts.

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