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Windmills and Canals in the Netherlands
Photo: Windmills and Canals in the Netherlands

Netherlands Tourist Guide

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The Netherlands (Nederland) is a country that has built itself out of the sea, loves color, soccer and doing it in style.

Also known as Holland to many, the Netherlands is a well organised country that has both a serious business side and a generous party nature. How do they do it? The Dutch sense of humour might explain it, it can be quite pithy and wry.

It may be their love for flowers and things green, particularly in the bulb format, making transporting and planting an amazing variety of colorful flowers easy. Or their famed knowledge about cheese and chocolates as well as beer.

Places to Visit in the Netherlands

Amsterdam Europe has wonderful architecture, dating back many centuries as well as major cultural attractions such as the Rijksmuseum. The Oude Kerk, meaning ’old church’, dates back to 1306, with the present building having been built in the 14th century. The Rijksmuseum has extensive collections of artworks, sculptures, cultures of the world and history.

The Hague

The Hague (Den Haag) is the where the seat of government is located. This city is known internationally as being where they hold trials for accused war crimininals but also has wonderful examples of Dutch architecture, museums and other attractions. The Binnenhof, Paleis Noordeinde and the Museum de Gevangepoort are particularly interesting, as are the Escher Museum and the Museon.

Both Amsterdam and The Hague have excellent restaurants alongside a thriving Al Fresco café culture with great coffee and delicious foods to try.

Getting Around the Netherlands

The Randstad is a metropolitan region consisting of Amsterdam in the north, Rotterdam in the south, Den Haag (The Hague) in the east with Utrecht to the west and their surrounds. Trains are an extremely convenient way to get around the Netherlands and especially the Randstadt, where vehicle traffic can get busy during rush hours.

Much of the Netherlands is easily accessible via road, train, tram, ferry, plane, bicycles, canal and on foot. Canals are certainly a fun way to explore here, so are bicycles. Bicycles rank as a national symbol, bicycle paths are everywhere and with the flat terrain of the Netherlands, you can venture as far as you wish, taking it all in.

Netherlands Tourist Info

Information on places to stay in the Netherlands, cafés and restaurants, places to shop, travel information and where can have kids have fun are questions most visitors would ask at some time.

Before deciding where to go and where to stay, a bit of planning will pay large dividends for your enjoyment. After all, you can vacation Europe in style or perhaps even longer on a budget.

About the places to visit in Amsterdam Amsterdam Europe and places in North Holland.

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Photo: Windmills and Canals in the Netherlands

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Canals and Historic Buildings - City of Amsterdam.
Photo: Canals and Historic Buildings - City of Amsterdam.

Europe Places Travel Guide -> Netherlands Tourist Guide

Images of The Netherlands.
Photo: Images of The Netherlands.