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East Europe Map - South - Click to Zoom Out
East Europe Map - South - Click to Zoom Out

East Europe Map

East Europe Map. Europe used to be long on the map with Norway to the north and Malta to the south. Now, it is much wider as well with the newer eastern countries joining the EU.

East Europe is increasingly becoming more popular as a tourist destination and place to visit. Countries shown on this map:

Europe Country, Capital on the map:

  1. Albania Tirane
  2. Austria Vienna
  3. Belarus Minsk
  4. Belguim Antwerp
  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
  6. Bulgaria Sofia
  7. Croatia* Zagreb
  8. Denmark Copenhagen
  9. Estonia Tallinn
  10. Finland Helsinski
  11. Germany Berlin
  12. Greece Athens
  13. Italy Rome
  14. Kosovo
  15. Latvia Riga
  16. Monaco
  17. Montenegro*
  18. Norway Oslo
  19. Poland Warsaw
  20. Republic of Macedonia* Skopia
  21. Romania Bucharest
  22. Serbia Belgrade
  23. Serbia Belgrade
  24. Slovakia Bratislava
  25. Sweden Stockholm
  26. Switzerland Bern
  27. The Netherlands Den Haag
  28. Turkey* Istanbul
  29. Ukraine Kiev

* Candidate Countries. Zoom out the europe map of south east by clicking on it, or use the arrow keys by the map to go west or north.

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Description: East Europe Map - South - Click to Zoom Out.

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