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Limerick-River Shannon-King John’s Castle, Ireland
Photo: Limerick-River Shannon-King John’s Castle, Ireland

Ireland Places to Go

Map of Ireland: see the Maps of Ireland.

Although Ireland has had its share of troubles despite being neutral in WWII, it had a good period of economic respite in the 90’s unlike other parts of Europe. With agriculture as a mainstay, much of the country is still very much the green isle and a favourite place to visit for Europeans on weekends and longer.

Dublin and Surrounds

Most visitors to Ireland visit Dublin as a main attraction but so does the countryside, with its mountains and rocky headlands along the coast, to the island’s centre with expansive fields of green and many lakes. In the north the rugged coastline provides stunning vistas.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland, despite its troubles remains a place of natural beauty, while its capital, Belfast was heavily industrialised during the industrial revolution. The city enjoyed busy trade and industry making it an attraction for many workers over the years. The rest of NI was agricultural and remains so to this day.

Belfast has a lively nightlife and arts scene. There are a lot of activities to do here, including hiking, sailing and of course, golf.


In the west of the country there is often rain, though winters are relatively mild compared to the rest of northern Europe. Snow generally only falls on the highest mountains. On the east coast, the weather is often milder.

Getting Around

Most towns in Ireland are served by rail as are the cities. Buses do run to both towns and cities. Car Rental is available, though in summer and holiday peak periods the car rental companies can get quite busy. During those times it is recommended to book ahead.

Travel Requirements

If you wish to drive here, you will need your drivers license, car registration papers and insurance documentation for your car. Vehicle rental companies, of course, provide the last two for car rentals, keep them with you.

Europe Map

See the Europe Map - Map of Europe. Ireland on the North Western Europe Map.

Ireland Hotels

You can find an excellent variety of accommodation in the cities and towns as well in the country, from historic villas and bed and breakfasts, to comfortable hotel rooms.

Photo: Limerick-River Shannon-King John’s Castle, Ireland

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