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Map of North West Germany - Click to Zoom Out
Map of North West Germany - Click to Zoom Out

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Germany Map North West

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North West Germany Map - Bordered by the Netherlands to the west and Denmark to the north. Flensburg, Kiel, Oldenburg, Bremen, Hamburg are all worth a visit as are the National Parks on the Wadden Sea. Shown on this map:

  • Aurich Lower Saxony - Its history began in the 1200s and named as the capital for East Friesland (Ostfriesland) in 1517.
  • Bremen - Known to exist prior to 150AD, by 1350 it had a population of over 20,000. The city of Bremen and Bremerhaven make up the state of Bremen, Germany’s smallest state. Mercedes-Benz and others manufacture cars here, it is also a research centre for future technologies.
  • Bremerhaven - long serving as a major port as it does today for Germany, Bremerhaven is at the mouth of the River Weser and part of the city-state of Bremen.
  • Delmenhorst Lower Saxony - A castle was built here in 1247 by Count of Oldenburg, to protect the settlement that was there. It became independent in 1371. You can still visit the grounds, now a park, where the castle stood.
  • Elmshorn Schleswig-Holstein
  • Flensburg Schleswig-Holstein - The Old Town has preserved many of the buildings from its early history, with the Johanniskirche dating back to the 12th century. It also has a wonderful collection of museums worth visiting, including the Museumsberg and the Rummuseum.
  • Hamburg - A city-state, Hamburg is the 2nd largest germany city and also a major port (3rd largest in Europe). An excellent collection of museums and art galleries, the historic centre has buildings of different styles dating back to its beginnings. Where the Beatles first found their feet before heading off into world fame.
  • Norderstedt Schleswig-Holstein - Also part of the Metropolregion Hamburg
  • Oldenburg Lower Saxony - This university town is dedicated to knowledge and a cultural centre. The historic part of the city has a number of magnificent buildings to see, including the residential palace and there are numerous parks and gardens to visit.
  • Stade Lower Saxony - Also part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (Metropolregion Hamburg, this town is over 1,000 years old. There are beautifully restored houses and historical museums, including the Swedish Warehouse and the Stade Art Gallery.
  • Wilhelmshaven Lower Saxony - located on the north coast of Germany, places to visit here aside from its beautiful harbour include the Aquarium, Wattenmeerhaus National Park, the German maritime museum and the Coastal Museum.

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Description: Map of North West Germany - Click to Zoom Out.

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