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Germany - Frankfurt am Main, Financial Centre of the Euro
Photo: Germany - Frankfurt am Main, Financial Centre of the Euro Germany

Germany Tourist Guide - Places

See the Map of Germany.

Germany, or the Federal Republic of Germany, is made up of a number of smaller states that were independent for quite a long time, having evolved from the Germanic tribes that have lived here before the Roman times, with later population influxes.

The country made a remarkable economic recovery since World War II, first West Germany with the help of American aid, now East Germany, which has responded well to the re-unification. Business is encouraged here, world class exhibitions and trade fairs are held regularly.

Places to Go in Germany

The cities of Berlin, the capital and Munich (capital of Bavaria) are very popular destinations, as are the Black Forest, the Alps and the Rhine Valley. In east Germany, Dresden is popular.

Germany itself has a much varied terrain, from the Alpine playgrounds in the south to the Wadden Sea to the north.

While Germany is an efficient industrialized nation, in the country you will find castles, national parks and historical places to visit. German beers, wines and the food make up the rest for a great Europe vacation.

The country also have more than 6,000 museums and art galleries. There are museums that have German and international artworks from ancient times through to the present. They also explore the history of Germany, the exotic, technology, humour, politics and people. You are sure to find one or more that will not only thrill you, but deepen your appreciation of life and all its wonders.


Berlin is where culture, heritage and modern architecture co-exist, making it one of the trendiest cities of Europe. Another attraction to Berlin is the diverse cuisines available, while the night life and entertainment compare with any in the world, 24/7.

In Berlin, after being divided for so long after World War II, the arts and culture play an important role. The city itself is quite large, having been developed over the years from the middle ages from the town centre outwards. In 1920 the Berlin region was consolidated with the surrounding towns and villages, forming an area of over 900 sq. kms.

Today’s Weather for Berlin: Berlin Weather


The historical Hanseatic city of Hamburg has become one of the premier places to visit in Europe. The cultural capital of Northern Germany, cruise ships from all over the world visit this city via the Elbe River. More about Hamburg.

Frankfurt Am Main

Frankfurt is very much the financial capital of not only Germany, but of the EU. More about Frankfurt Am Main.

Getting Around Germany

Germany has developed an excellent system of roads, criss-crossing the country which makes it easy to travel to places in Germany. Trains are also handy and in the cities, trams and buses run regular services. Berlin has a 24 hour public transport system. Regular hi speed trains, travelling up to 300kms can quickly take you to and from Berlin in comfort from places like Amsterdam and Paris.

Germany Tourist Info

Before deciding where to go and where to stay, a bit of planning will pay large dividends for your enjoyment. After all, you can vacation Europe in style or perhaps longer on a budget.

Where to stay in the Germany, travel information and places of interest: Berlin - Hamburg - National Parks in Germany.

Europe Maps

Germany National Parks Map - see Germany Map - Germany National Parks Map - Map of Europe.

Hotels in Europe

You can find places to stay in throughout Europe from luxury hotels and resorts to apartments and bed & breakfasts, including a wide range of accommodation styles to suit almost any budget.

Photo: Germany - Frankfurt am Main, Financial Centre of the Euro

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Along the Rhine River, Germany
Photo: Along the Rhine River, Germany