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River Seine, Paris

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The River Seine has always played an important role in the city of Paris. Divided by it, the right bank and the left bank, north and south, respectively. They are, in turn, regarded as important city district boundaries.

Paris Landmarks

Almost all of the important landmarks and buildings of the city are situated along the river, or within a short walking distance.

On the eastern edge are the older and historical ones, while to the west you will find ones built from the 19th to the 20th centuries, including the Eiffel Tower, located on the south side.


One way to enjoy the river and its many sights and attractions is by taking one of the many river cruises available. Departure and Arrival points are located at key points along the way in the city centre, near the attractions on the banks.

Paris Attractions

The Paris attractions, museums and galleries include the Musée de Louvre, Notre Dame and numerous palaces. At one end is there is the Statue of Liberty at Point Grenefelle (Champ Elysees and Invalides) facing west towards its twin in New York. At the other end is Pont de Sully, a small island with the elegant homes of Ille St. Louis, built from the 17th Century, onwards.

Central Paris

You will find many other key attractions and landmarks here, all in the adjacent suburbs of Champ-Elysees and Invalides, Tulferries and Opera, Ile de la Cote Marais and Beaubourg, and of course, the Left Bank.

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You can find places to stay in throughout France and Paris, from luxury hotels and resorts to apartments and bed & breakfasts, including a wide range of accommodation styles to suit almost any budget.

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