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City of Paris, France

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City of Grandeur, Paris is known for its exquisite museums, art galleries and monuments. The Eiffel Tower is instantly recognisable, while the Louvre, originally a fortress built in 1190, houses one of the most important art collections in the world.

Other world renowned attractions in Paris include the Notre Dame, Place de Bastile, Palais de Justice, the Pompidue Centre, Musee d’sOrsay, Versailles and Fontainblaeu.

Foods of Paris

Paris, along with the rest of France is also known for its culinary prowess along with its wines. Desserts, tender meats dishes, cheeses, these are just some of the many dishes and variants to try here, in the City of Lights.

The Seine

The Seine River divides the city into its main parts and almost every important building is within a short walk from here or on its banks. Which is well worth remembering when exploring the city. The Eiffel Tower, the Petit Palais, the Paleis Bourbon - Assemblée Nationale, the Dome Church, Paleis de Chaillot and numerous monuments, parks, sculptures and other art works are found here.

Further along the river, there is the Musée de l’Orange, Notre Dame and the Palais de Justice. There are also wonderful parks and gardens to explore, from the Jardin des Champs - Elées, Square Jean XXIII to the Jardin des Tuileries in the west by the Pont de la Concorde.

Paris Cruises

With so many places to see and much to do, one good way to explore this important part of Paris is to take one of more cruises on the Seine. They vary in length but their duration last from one hour up to three and depart from conveniently placed points along the river.


In the Paris surrounds you can find the chateux of Versailles and Fontainbleau. Fontainbleau, a sprawling collection of grand buildings was first an abbey, built in 1169 and would take more than a day to explore properly.

Others worth visiting are Château de Rambouillet and the Château de Dampiere. Versailles, famous for its gardens also has the Château with its hall of mirrors, as well as other attractions, the opera house and its wonderful fountains.

Shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris is many a fashion concious women’s dream and there is plenty the men and children as well. The many styles and Paris Haute Couture (Unique Creations) designed by the great fashion houses continue to attract the well heeled and fashion designers from all around the world.

Amongst the great fashion houses, there is Chanel, Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Georges Rech and Jil Sander. Others include Baby Dior, Jacadi, Kenzo and Petit Bateau for the younger while for Jewellry there is Chanel, Boutique YSL, Mikimoto and Boucheron.

Shoes and bags also rate high on the Paris shoppers list. French Lingerie and scents are also important here, making Paris the number One amongst the places to shop in Europe.

In Conclusion

Paris, the capital of France, is worth an European visit by itself. With its distinctive districts, it has a population of over two million. The city has been a major North European centre since the times of the Roman Empire, during the middle ages and through to the Renaissance it was a cultural and religious hub.

Having undergone a major transformation in the 1800s, Paris is now a delight to visit with its wide boulevards and grand architecture. Shopping here for fashion, accessories and jewelry is undisputably amongst the world’s best.

Limited Time? Must See Paris Attractions:

  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Bastille Square and the Modern Opera House
  • Champs-Elysees
  • Château De Vincennes
  • Château de Fontainebleau
  • Concorde
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Luxembourg Gardens
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Paris Opera District
  • Saint-Germain des Pres
  • Trocadero

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