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Marseille Marina with the Neo-Byzantine Notre Dame de la Garde in the Distance
Photo: Marseille Marina with the Neo-Byzantine Notre Dame de la Garde in the Distance

Marseille, France

See the Map of South East France.

Located on the South Coast of France in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is the city of Marseille. Having been named European Capital of Culture for 2013 makes it an exciting place to visit but it has always been one anyway.

It is also France’s oldest port and most important. The old town is located on the north side and is an attractive part of the city. The docks have numerous al-fresco restaurants to enjoy the day or evening and were guarded by the two prominent fortresses.

Notre Dame de la Garde

At the top of the heights backing Marseille is the Notre Dame de la Garde. This beautiful Ney-Byzantine building was begun in 1214 as a small chapel, then enlarged over time to accommodate the many pilgrims coming here. The statue of Mary towering over the city is truly remarkable.

La Vieille Charité

La Vieille Charité was originally conceived as an almshouse from a design of the Puget brothers. In the centre is a domed chapel, while surrounding it are arcaded galleries, 3 stories high. Now a cultural centre it is also home to the The Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology.

Marseille Cathedral

Along the waterfront is the Marseille Cathedral, a magnificent building built in Byzantine-Roman style. Construction took some 44 years.

Saint Victor Abbey

The historical Saint Victor Abbey, located not far from the Notre Dame de la Garde is a beautiful monastery rebuilt in the early 11th century. Fortified towers overlook the church and there is a crypt. On the site where the abbey now stands was an earlier 5th century monastery.

Culinery Delights

The Food and Wine Culture here is unique, traditional Marseillaise food includes its famed Bouillabaisse and the Moules Marinieres, a dish with black mussels, garlic, white wine, cream and other delicious ingredients.


The small daily Fish Market at the old Pport is open early most mornings, while the Marché des Capuchins sells mainly food. The Notre Dame du Mont Market sells organic foods.


Whether you are on one of the many luxury cruise ships or are visiting a while, Marseille offers much to many. Great shopping, excellent food and a myriad of places to visit and things to do. The arts and culture are big in this city.


The Weather for Today and Forecasts: Marseille Weather.

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Marseille Region Map - see Marseille Region Map - Europe Map.

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You can find places to stay in throughout Provence-Alpes-Côte D’Azur, from luxury resorts to serviced apartments and bed & breakfasts. There is a wide range of accommodation styles to suit almost any budget, including villas.

Photo: Marseille Marina with the Neo-Byzantine Notre Dame de la Garde in the Distance

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On the Docks: Mairie and a work by Dali.
Photo: On the Docks: Mairie and a work by Dali.

Roman Ruins in Marseille France
Photo: Roman Ruins in Marseille France