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Jardin de la Fontaine, Nimes France
Photo: Jardin de la Fontaine, Nimes France

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France continues to be the most romantic and dynamic place to visit in Europe. French culture, fashion, cuisine and ideas continue to cast its influence around the world in all the creative arts, including culinery.

French wines, of course, are legendary and the best place to enjoy them (and most affordable) is France.


France is the centre of Europe in more ways than one. Being a large country, which can limit how much one can explore at any one time. The North is quite disctinctive from the South.

In the North West of France, there is the Brittany region with its lively music traditions and its diverse cultural background. Champagne as an agricultural region is also in the north, with its wonderful wine traditions, while in the North East is the Germanic Alsace-Lorraine.

In the south on the coast of the Mediterranean, is the region of Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

In the North East, where the English Channel Tunnel exits, is Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Lille France.


Paris, the capital of France, is worth an European visit by itself. With its distinctive districts, it has a population of over two million. The city has been a major North European centre since the times of the Roman Empire, during the middle ages and through to the Renaissance it was a cultural and religious hub.

Having undergone a major transformation in the 1800s, Paris is now a delight to visit with its wide boulevards and grand architecture. Shopping here for fashion, accessories and jewelry is undisputably amongst the world’s best.

France Tourist Info

Where to stay in the France, travel information and places of interest.

Before deciding where to go and where to stay, a bit of planning will pay large dividends for your enjoyment. After all, you can vacation Europe in style or perhaps longer on a budget.

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Hotels in Europe

You can find places to stay in throughout France and Paris, from luxury hotels and resorts to apartments and bed & breakfasts, including a wide range of accommodation styles to suit almost any budget.

Photo: Jardin de la Fontaine, Nimes France

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