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Senaatintori (Senate Square) with the Helsinki Cathedral, Finland
Photo: Senaatintori (Senate Square) with the Helsinki Cathedral, Finland

Finland Places

See Finland on the North East Europe Map.

Many of the cities of Finland are in the south half of the country, with much the northern half (Lapland) largely undeveloped. The country itself is fairly flat and covered by forests and thousands of lakes, particulary in the centre, while on the coast there are fertile farmlands.

There are beautiful National Parks in Finland, many of them in the south of the country, along the coast or inland. Camping or accommodation in huts or shelters is available in a number of them. There are also World Heritage Sites, including Kvarken Archipelago and the Finnish part of the Struve Geodetic Arc. More about the National Parks in Finland.

Of course, you can be pampered and relaxed in the excellent spa facilities around the country.

The Northern Regions

The northern half enjoys 24 hour long days, a land of contrasts with Rovaniemi as its capital. Here, they have divided the seasons into eight, adding spring-winter, summer-spring, autumn-summer and winter-autumn to their calendar as their lands are in constant change. During the month of June, the sun still shines at midnight.

Trekking and adventure trips are popular activities during the warmer months, while in winter, the beauty of the landscape is something to behold. The darkness of the winter soltice is not complete here, with midday showing a bluish tinge while the ever-changing aurora borealis lights up many nights. Winter sports abound, ski-ing, ice fishing and snow sledding are just some of the activities to keep you busy starting at the end of October and lasting till early May.

The South

In the southern part of the country are the regions of Lakeland, Coast & Archipelago and Helsinki. Getting around here is quite easy, trains are an efficient way to get to the various destinations.


The many rivers, lakes and islands make this part of Finland a true water wonderland. The thousands of lakes are regarded as amongst the cleanest in the world, backed by enchanting and vast forests.

The many steamers that used to service the cities and towns scattered around the lakes are now available for cruises, an interesting way to explore the many places to visit.


The capital of Finland, Helsinki is a great place to visit any time of year. A well run transport system, numerous green parks, historic places, attractions and museums make it a very enjoyable city, you can also explore it easily by foot.

The many restaurants allows one to experience Finnish foods prepared in elegant style, bars and nightclubs complete the picture.

Coast & Archipelago

Along the coast there are hundreds of islands which you can visit. Whether your interested in history, a peaceful break or swimming at a beach, there is an island to suit you. Ferries are available in Helsinki that can take you to them, including Suomenlinna, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Finland Accommodation

Before deciding where to go and where to stay, a bit of planning will pay large dividends for your enjoyment. After all, you can vacation Europe in style or perhaps longer on a budget.

Accommodation throughout Scandinavia

You can find places to stay in throughout Scandinavia, from luxury hotels and resorts to serviced apartments, including a wide range of accommodation styles to suit almost any budget.

Photo: Senaatintori (Senate Square) with the Helsinki Cathedral, Finland

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