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City of Copenhagen, Capital of Denmark
Photo: City of Copenhagen, Capital of Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Places to Visit

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Copenhagen is the largest city in Denmark and the capital. Founded on a fortress built in 1167 it has played an important role in Baltic trade and quickly grew in size.

Today it is a clean and modern city, with good transport and plenty of places of interest for visitors. Below are some of the best and most interesting attractions and famous places of Copenhagen.

Tivoli Gardens

Amongst the many places to visit in Copenhagen, one of the most popular would be the Tivoli Gardens, the original, having opened here in 1843. Aside from traditional rides such as a ferris wheel and a roller coaster, there are also plenty of rides for the younger ones.

This fun park has been entertaining both Danes and visitors for a long time, complete with rides, fireworks, entertainment and places to eat, including fine dining restaurants. At Christmas, the whole place takes on a festive atmosphere, dedicated to the season.


At the Amalienborg, there are four Rococo design buildings that housed the Royal family since the 1780s around a large public square. You can visit selected parts of the buildings, two of them are still royal residences.

At noon, the changing of the guard takes place in the square and in the centre is a larger than life equestrian statue of Frederick V, created by French sculptor Jacques-Francois-Joseph Saly. There is a museum of the Royal House of Gl├╝cksborg that you can visit, opposite the present residence of Princess Margrethe featuring royal apartments with their original furniture and fittings.


Nynhaven (New Harbour) is a small harbour at the end of a canal, bordered by wide promenades and colourful buildings dating back to the 1700s. Created to attract trade it leads up to the Kongens Nytorv, the city market. From there, the shopping centre of the city leads on with all kinds of shops and places to eat.

Nynhaven has canal cruises allowing you to explore the city sights from the water, the many cafés, bars and al fresco places to eat is a great way to spend the afternoon.

Little Mermaid

At the edge of the Øresund Strait by the Langelinie Park and its promenade is the Little Mermaid, known around the world as one of the favourite attractions in Copenhagen.

Created by Edvard Erichson and commissioned by Carl Jacobsen, who was the son of Carlsberg’s (beer) founder, the statue has graced the shoreline since 1913. Various attempts have been made to politicise the sculpture by various artists and vandals to try to raise cheap publicity for their various causes, usually by defacing, but the statue remains today for people to enjoy.

Statens Museum for Kunst

The Statens Museum for Kunst, open from 10am to 5pm, Tuesday to Sunday has both static and changing exhibitions that include everything from flower displays to famous Danish and European artworks. Highlights include medieval paintings and sculptures, including works by El Greco, Rembrandt, Ernstand Lundstrøm, amongst many others.

Kastellet and Frihedsmuseet

This 16th century beautifully preserved fortress is surrounded by a moat and gardens, perfect to enjoy a sunny day. Still occupied by the Danish Army, you can visit the grounds, as well as the Frihedsmuseet (Danish Resistance Museum) located nearby. Tours are available.

Rosenborg Slot

Built in Dutch style, this castle houses all manner of furnishings and decorations from the 16th to the 19th century. Originally a summer residence for Christian IV, the rooms are well preserved and there are many types of glassware and crystal examples from Venice, the Netherlands and Germany on display.


This suburb, or enclave of Copenhagen is known for its artists, writers, musicians and other creative workers and their liberal attitudes and approach to life. It is one of the top places to visit in Copenhagen with an excellent collections of shops, art galleries, music venues and places to eat.

There are no cars allowed in the streets. Prohibitionists, self righteous proselytes, wowsers and other trouble makers are advised not to venture there after dark.

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

At the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, you can find works of the most famous Modernist artists in existence today, along with works and exhibitions from much younger artists.

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Photo: City of Copenhagen, Capital of Denmark

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Sunset at Seaside, photo by Jørgen Schytte.
Photo: Sunset at Seaside, photo by Jørgen Schytte.

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