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Where Mountains meet the Sea - Croatia
Photo: Where Mountains meet the Sea - Croatia

Croatia Europe

Croatia on the Map: see the Europe Map.

Having radically changed in the 1990s from being part of a Communist State, to a fully independent country, Croatia has over a short period of time developed into a trendy Europe place to visit.

The tourism industry in Croatia has kept pace and you will find excellent modern facilities throughout many parts of the country.

With Zagreb as its capital, Croatia extends in excess of 56,000 sq. kilometres, including more than a thousand islands in the Adriatic Sea.

Zagreb has an interesting collection of museums and art galleries, but also architectural monuments from the Romanesque, Baroque and the Renaissance.

Croatian cuisine is beginning to be noticed much further afield in the world, and it is a pleasure to experience here. So are the wines, red wines from Hvar, white wines from Ilok are just what you need to enhance a nice dinner.

There are a number of national parks, two reserves and ten nature parks that one can visit. The most famous of these is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, now a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Dubrovnik, located in Dalmatia has been rated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Old Town, still completely encircled by the wall designed to protect in the medieval ages, it also has been declared a UNESCO protected World Heritage site.

Croatia has a surprising collection of cultural heritage sites that are protected under UNESCO, even more than countries such as Germany or France.

Dubrovnik Old Town

A protected UNESCO site, Dubrovnik Old Town is a wonderful place to visit. This walled city has been preserved from the middle ages.

Not only is this town free of vehicles, there are churches and monasteries from the gothic, renaissance and baroque periods.

With the long scenic coastline, the many islands (Yachting Paradise) and the beautiful Renaissance towns, Croatia has become a top Europe destination.

Map of Europe

Western Europe Map - Map of Europe.


You can find choices in accommodation in Croatia from resort hotels and island getaways to bed & breakfasts.

Photo: Where Mountains meet the Sea - Croatia

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Side Street in Dubrovnik Old Town.
Photo: Side Street in Dubrovnik Old Town.

Islands of the Adriatic - Croatia
Photo: Islands of the Adriatic - Croatia