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Stockholm, Capital of Sweden
Photo: Stockholm, Capital of Sweden

Cities in Europe

Cities of Europe: see the Map - South Europe Cities to Visit.

The cities of Europe are centres of culture, education, business and peoples. Although modern and multi cultural, they all have their own charms and cultural identities being carefully protected. They will probably never lose, unlike so many in the newer world, or even the older world.

When you visit many of these places, you can see they have worked hard to keep their distinctive character, at the same time working to make their cities clean, modern and liveable.

When you visit Europe, you can see it is entirely possible to have clean hi tech cities yet clearly with their own identities.

London Britain

City of London

London, once survivor of WWII and capital of the British Empire has a long and wonderful heritage to explore.

Berlin Germany

City of Berlin

Berlin in Germany is where culture, heritage and modern architecture co-exist. Top European destination for great food, nightlife, history and modern living.

Brussels Belgium

City of Brussels

Brussels in Belgium is not only capital of the EU, but also a great place to shop, eat and find excellent choices in world class entertainment.

Frankfurt Germany

City of Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany and Europe. This dynamic city has great shopping, museums and attractions, excellent food, pubs and things to do for visitors.

Hamburg Germany

City of Hamburg

Hamburg One of the premier places to visit in Europe and the cultural capital of Northern Germany. Cruise ships from all over the world visit this city on the Elbe River.

Lille France

Lille France

Lille This beautiful city of France in Nord pas de Calais has much to offer the visitor. Known for great shopping and its historic city centre. Museums here include the famed Palais des Beaux-Arts.

Paris France

City of Paris

Paris The City of Lights, divided by the Seine River has some of the most wonderful cultural attractions found in any city of the world.

Nimes France

City of Nimes

Nimes is famous for its neo-classical buildings, great gardens and some of the best surviving Roman architecture found anywhere in the world, including Rome.

Amsterdam Netherlands

City of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is much more than a party town. Though many go there to relax and let their hair down, there is much to see and do. The Arts, Music, the Lifestyle and People.

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Photo: Stockholm, Capital of Sweden

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City of Hamburg, Germany
Photo: City of Hamburg, Germany