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Liverpool, UK
Photo: Liverpool, UK

Britain UK Places

Britain / UK: see the Europe Map - Great Britain and UK Map.

Britain and the rest of the UK has much to offer the visitors to their island state. It has doggedly maintained its indepence from its European continental cousins, something its politicians to this day make much of and continue to play on. Still, till recently it ruled a world empire and its culture, language and politics continue to make its mark in this world.

The island’s culture, music and entertainment is still distinctly British, yet the country is actually very poly-cultural, perhaps more so than other European countries. Their rock music, for example, as well as its literature and some great movies has conquered the world, not just in the 60s, but many more times since then.

Why Go There?

Since English has been adopted as the favourite second language by the world, the Britain / UK is a place to go for many visitors to Europe. London, the capital and a financial centre for the world, is also the largest city in Europe.

The city was originally established by the Romans as a protected port and for its convenient location, developing into a centre for administration. Now it is very much also a centre for culture, with excellent museums, art galleries, music and other entertainment as well as having famous historical buildings and monuments.

There are many other cities throughout the UK worth exploring other than London, as is the beautiful countryside and its many outer islands.


Only two hours from London, Wales is known for its stunning landscapes, picturesque beaches, national parks and scenic coastal regions. Play some great golf, explore National Parks, visit lovely gardens and experience the unique heritage and culture.

There is also plenty of history to explore, Caernarfon Castle, where Prince Charles was crowned Prince of Wales once witheld a long siege with only twenty eight men. In fact, there are 641 castles in Wales. There’s more, museums, great steam journeys and wonderful shopping.


Scotland, although presently vying for independence is also enchanting, with rocky lochs, green lowlands and soaring snow covered mountains of the Cairngorms and Highlands. Its many offshore islands are also known for their natural beauty, particularly the Isle of Skye.

Many castles still dot the landscape, both those in ruins and those still occupied, such as Edingburgh Castle and the Holyrood Palace, Queen Elizabeth’s II official Scottish residence. Explore Scotland and visit its many historic monuments and towns, see wildlife in Scotland’s National Parks, the arts, literature and experience delightful cuisine.

Getting Around

Exploring England, Wales and Scotland is easy, the three are linked by a good road and highway system as well as an extensive railway system. It is connected to the rest of Europe by the Channel Tunnel, numerous ferry services and a number of international airports, including Heathrow, service the rest of the world.

Travel Requirements

If you wish to drive here, you will need your drivers license, car registration papers and insurance documentation for your car. Vehicle rental companies, of course, provide the last two for car rentals.

Europe Maps

See the Map - see Western Europe Map - Map of Europe.

Accommodation and Hotels

You can find choices in accommodation in Britain and the rest of the UK from resort hotels to bed & breakfasts.

Photo: Liverpool, UK

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Wales - Conwy Castle, Conwy
Photo: Wales - Conwy Castle, Conwy