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Park of the Jubilee and the Triumphal Arch
Photo: Park of the Jubilee and the Triumphal Arch

Brussels, Belgium

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With its nearness to the sea, Brussels (Bruxelles) developed along with man’s skills for sailing the oceans. Growing since around the year 1000, it is now a world class city yet it has retained much of its importance, particularly since the end of WWII. Indeed, it is still one of the top destinations in Europe.

This bilingual city (French and Dutch) plays host to the European Parliament amongst other EU institutions as well being the HQ of Nato. Other important organisational Headquarters located here include the European Council, the European Commission, the Court of Justice of the EU and the European Central Bank.

With all the diplomats and regular visits by politicians, Brussels has kept pace with excellent restaurants and plenty of choices for entertainment to keep them occupied. You can enjoy them yourself, of course.

Exploring the City

The city is essentially divided into two parts. In the eastern section (Upper Town) you will find the Place Royale, with the Musée des Instruments de Musique (Musical Instruments Museum) and the Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts, while in the Lower Town you can find the Grand Place, the main town square dating back to the Middle Ages.

Grand Place

The centre of Brussels since Medieval times, this square is inhabited by grand buildings from primarily the 17th Century. Almost all of the earlier buildings had been destroyed by King Louie the 14th’s cannon attack on the city in 1695.

When it came time to rebuild, the Grand Place was rebuilt to a uniform style, Flemish Renaissance, resulting in the wonderful buildings seen here today.

Brussels Attractions and Places to Visit

If your limited for time places to visit :

  • Atomium
  • Chinese Pavilion
  • Grand Place
  • Japanese Tower
  • National Basilica of Koekelberg
  • St. Michaels’ Cathedral
  • Royal Residence of Laeken
  • Royal St Mary’s Church
  • Sablon district
  • Europea District - European Parliament (Visitors Centre)
  • Park of the Jubilee and the Triumphal Arch
  • Royal Park - Surrounded by the Belgian Parliament, the Royal Palace, the Rue Ducale, Palace of the Nation and the Rue Royale

There are eighty five museums in Brussels at last count, so there is something to please everyone.

Exploring Europe

Brussels is well positioned for exploring much of Europe. Located only just an hour away from Paris, some two hours from London and two and a half hours from Amsterdam. The Belgium cities of Liege, Namur, Tournai and Bruges are all within hour distance by train.

Europe Maps

France Map - see Map of France Map - Europe Map.

Hotels in Europe

Many of the hotels in Brussels and throughout Belgium offer discounted tickets to local attractions. The choice in accommodation in Brussels is wide, from luxury hotels to budget family style motels and serviced apartments.

Photo: Park of the Jubilee and the Triumphal Arch

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Great place to start your visit to Brussels - the Grand Place
Photo: Great place to start your visit to Brussels - the Grand Place