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Map of Austria -
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Austria Maps: Places to Visit

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The centre of the Hapsburg Empire from 1273 to 1806.

Its location between Europe and the East has always afforded Austria unique advantages, particularly in trade and a rich mixture of culture.

The Danube Valley is where Burgenland, Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Vienna are situated.

In the Austrian Alps you will find Carinthia, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

The Austria States

  1. Burgenland
  2. Carinthia
  3. Lower Austria
  4. Salzburg
  5. Styria
  6. Tyrol
  7. Upper Austria
  8. Vienna
  9. Vorarlberg

State Capitals

  1. Eisenstadt
  2. Klagenfurt
  3. St Pölten
  4. Salzburg
  5. Graz
  6. Innsbruck
  7. Linz
  8. Vienna
  9. Bregenz

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Photo: Map of Austria -

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