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The Moerbisch Operetta Festival - held every year in the province of Burgenland, Austria
Photo: The Moerbisch Operetta Festival - held every year in the province of Burgenland, Austria

Austria Places Visitors Guide - Europe

Austria see the Europe Map Map of Austria.

Austria is well known for its capital, Vienna, the River Danube and its many splendid mountains. Despite the country only coming into existence about a hundred years ago, its beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage, particularly in music, offer much to the visitor.

Skiing is Austria’s favourite pastime for many visitors to this country. The alpine resorts near Innsbruck and Vienna are world renowned.

Austrian Culture

That being said, skiing is certainly not the only attraction to Austria. A favourite place to visit not only for skiing, but also its architecture design, music, the arts and culture.

Musically, it has produced a number of Europe’s greatest musicians, not least of which is Mozart. Others include Haydn, Schubert and Mahler, as well as the Strausses.


The centre of Vienna is relatively compact, allowing easy exploration. Much of its grand buildings are within the city walls and near the Hofburg, the historical palace. Whether your exploring the historic centre or the other side of the Danube you will find much to see and do. Famous buildings:

  • Historic Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral
  • Haas Haus
  • Hofburg Palace
  • Looshaus
  • Vienna State Opera

The Hofburg Palace is certainly worth at least one visit. The garden has numerous memorials and statues, while the buildings in this vast complex date from the 11th century all the way to the 19th century.

The Vienna Winter Riding School is also located here within the complex, where you can see the famed equestrian performances. Other attractions at the Hofburg include the Austrian National Library, the Schatzkammer, the Augustinerkirche and the Mozart Memorial.

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Austria is a mountainous country, however, the Alps in Austria are actually divided in two, east from west by the Danube River and the plains. Covering some 84,000 square kilometres, it borders Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia and Hungary in the south, with the Czech Republic and Germany to the north and Slovakia to the east. The country is comprised of nine provinces, Burgenland, Vienna, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

Although the mountainous areas can be very cold in winter, in summer the temperatures can become quite warm, particularly in the middle of the country.

Getting Around Austria

You will find rail transport and the roads are excellent between the main population centres of Innsbruck, Lonz, Vienna and Salzburg. Austria is well served by its train system, there are three main train stations that serve international trains in Vienna alone.

There are also numerous bus services available that can take you to parts of the country not serviced by trains. The road system is very good, even in winter most roads remain open, particularly the highways that connect the main cities. There is a convenient toll system, by buying a sticker for your car at places like service stations and post offices, you can travel on toll ways and use the main tunnels for periods of a week, month or more.

Travel Requirements

Visitors with US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand passports, as well as EU citizens do not need to apply for visas to enter Austria. If you wish to drive here, you will need your driver’s license, car registration papers and insurance documentation for your car. Car rental companies, of course, provide the last two for vehicle rentals.

Europe Maps

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Hotels in Austria

You can find places to stay in throughout Austria from luxury hotels and mountain resorts to serviced apartments, chalets and charming bed & breakfasts.

Photo: The Moerbisch Operetta Festival - held every year in the province of Burgenland, Austria

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